Multiplayer game modes


Multiplayer game modes

1. Death match

In a free fighting game mode which is also known as "being alone for themselves", everyone will stand up by themselves and kill the remaining ones. The winner will be the person who has the highest score. After death, each player will revive at any point on the map, re-engage in the game and fight till the end of time.


2. Team match (TDM)

You can choose one of two parties: Swat or Terrorist, and focus on killing the enemies. The winner is the first team to achieve the required number of kill or get higher score till the end of time.


3.  Bomb

In this game mode, offensive team need put bombs into 1 of 2 defensive positions of their enemies. The defensive team is tasked to kill the entire enemy team or defuse the bombs and prevent their defensive positions from exploding.


4. Boss

Players will be divided into two parties: Swat or Terrorist. Each team has only one Boss. The team that kills the enemy's Boss in advance is the winner.


5. Capture the flag

Capture the flag is a basic mode of shooting games. The task of the offensive team is to capture as many flags as possible. The defensive team’s task is to prevent the enemy team from capturing the flags within a certain period of time.



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