Locations in Dead Arena


Through mapping system, can easily understand the game and get a panoramic coordinate information, the player in any other place under the map.

Map Refuge

Refuge which is built and operated by the government is the place that residents are isolated by war. It is built spontaneously and designed to meet the basic needs of the residents. Terrorists have planned for occupying this position due to its strategic location.

Suitable modes: Death Match, Team Match, Flag

Map's characteristics : There are two long parallel lines (one is overhead  and the other is on the ground) accompanied by the small and short line running between them, which creates the terrain for snipers like Assassin.

Map China Town


China Town is famous not only for its long streets and red lanterns, but also for mafia and hostile forces being implicit in the dark. China Town is not as peaceful as its appearance.

Suitable modes: Death Match, Team Match, Bomb, Boss

Map's characteristics: It is a long line connecting two starting zones of Swat and Terrorist. It has large space without obstructions, which makes this map become particularly dangerous for the snipers. However, two jumping boards in the middle of the map will create focal points for these mutations.

Map Basement


The cellar that contains resources is attacked by terrorists. The precious metals  are suitable for bomb making. The mission of the task force was to stop this plot.

Suitable modes: Death Match, Team Match, Bomb, Boss, Flag

Map's characteristics: This map consists of many short routes which are sharply cut overhead, making the area become an ideal refuge for the raid operations.

Map Train


The missile boat is going to the final destination. Unfortunately, the terrorist forces want to occupy the boat for their own malice. Let protect it so that it can arrive safely.

Suitable modes: Death Match , Team Match, Flag

Map's characteristics: This map is cut sharply by long wagons and the two ends of the missile, which makes it become the place for melee classes and spam.

Map Japan


Japanese residential area which has had many secrets has been used as a temporary base of the SWAT. However, due to the insider treason, terrorists came and swept through this place brutally and aggressively.

Suitable modes : Bomb, Boss

Map's characteristics: There are many short and steep routes, along with long routes and sudden points being fractured, which makes this map have a high mutation rate for hiding and melee classes.

Map IronWork 


The secret arsenal - the final headquarter of the terrorists, has been detected. A vehement fight is going to start here. Get ready for this flaming arena!

Suitable modes : Death Match , Team Match, Flag

Map's characteristics: The short routes concentrate in the center. The bulkheads which are extremely thin are the advantages for medic with the ability to shoot through walls.

Map Jungle

Primitive jungle hides many precious minerals. However, everything is not easy as both terrorists and Swat put hand into this area.
Suitable modes : Death Match , Team Match, Bomb

Map's characteristics:  none - antagonistic map 

Map Factory


The prohibited area has been abandoned for years. The terrorists took advantage of this place to manufacture weapons of mass destruction. The task forces who discovered this place after having monitored for a long time were ordered to destroy and revoke the weapons.

Suitable modes: Team Match , Bomb

Map's characteristics: none - antagonistic map 


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