Learning about the Rifles system


Game FPS on the Dead Arena Mobile possesses a quite abundant and monumental system of firearms being enough for gamers to choose and experience.

Dead Arena has become a craze in the FPS mobile game not only by the richness and diversity of game play, but also by its sufficient and infinite firearm system. In this article, we will learn about some types of rifles that the character Commando often use. 

FAMAS - Handguns being "hybrid" submachine

This is the first guns that players receive at the start of the game. FAMAS is lightweight with compact design leading to low recoil and high rate of fire, which is consistent with all of the shooters from rookies to the experienced gamer.


FAMAS will be a "slaughterous" tool if you strengthen the weapon to the highest level. In addition, its ability to slow down the opponents is the most inhibitive feature of this gun that small yet full of “martial arts”.

M4A1 - a real warrior

It is not necessary to comment much about this gun, because everyone who has participated in FPS games knows that M4A1 is one of the best weapons. With its fairly destructive power, capacity of loading bullets quickly, high degree of accuracy (low recoil) in all types of equivalent weapons, M4A1 is always a weapon chosen by the majority of shooters.


M4A1 is optimal for both near and far targets. When you are in a hand-to-hand combat, keep the screen each small wave continuously and note that you should fire bullets at a moderate level. No one will dare to stand in your way if you master this gun. 

AK47 - Nightmares on the battlefield

AK-47's is the most devastating gun of all the mid-range guns. Due to its high recoil, you need to control the trigger to not be crazy because of the difficulty in hitting a target.


Like M4A1, AK 47 is suitable for all distances. If M4A1 has high degree of accuracy, then AK47 has difficulty in “waggling” on the phone screen. Therefore, try shooting each bullet (tap the screen) to restrict the recoil as well as leverage the power of each fired bullet.

AUG – a perfect combination

AUG is exactly a complete fusion of rifles and machine guns with the ability to take aim at one step, fire bullets very quickly and shoot in the mode of taking aim with relative recoil (the trajectory is in the straightest line when the first 2 bullets are fired). AUG which is quite maneuverable always creates optimal handling situations on the battlefield.


AUG is an appropriate gun for those who support behind. When seeing the target at the distance, let turn on the range and tap 2, 3 bullets each time. Furthermore, remember that you always have to shoot in the chest and head for the most anti-personnel degree. Do not discharge bullets, because when you do not take aim, AUG has the recoil that is hard to control due to the extremely high rate of fire.

Currently, Dead Arena is still in the development stage, so guns are not sufficient. However, we will definitely complete the collection in the upcoming versions. During this time, please wait patiently and choose the best gun to become a real sniper.



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