Golden releasing week: August 26nd – September 2th. Play now to get great deals


To our great warriors. In the releasing week, we bring to you several attractive prizes.

1. Daily online gift

- Time: August 26nd – September 2th  
- Gamers login and play Dead Arena to get gifts every day in the golden releasing week


2. Online gift
- Time: August 26nd – September 2th 
- Gamers will receive several prizes according to the time stay online


3. First time top up

- Time: August 26nd – September 2th 
- Within 24 hours of the first topping up. Gamers will have the chance to possess one of these cool weapons


4. Hire VIP

- Time: August 22nd – August 28th 
Silver member
- Valid for 7 days.
- Receive 20% EXP and silver.
Gold member
- Valid for 30 days.
- Receive 50% EXP and silver.

5. Sunday gift!


- Time: August 28th 
- During the event time, gamers log in to receive one of these gifts: Gold, Sliver and Stamina


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