Select weapons for mutiplayer mode


It can be affirmed that the strengths of the games GMO is the sense of community and the feeling of competing against rivals in a variety of areas. For Dead Arena, participating in multiplayer matches is a relatively accurate measure to affirm its capabilities at the shooting range.

I is not easy to climb ranks efficiently, especially for 'newbie' gamers who access to shooting game on mobile (like Dead Arena) for the first time. We will summarize some small guide on how to use the most appropriate weapon for each gunner as follows

When participating in grading match in Dead Arena, gamers will confront hard challenges. This time, individual skill is highly appreciated, so equipping a suitable arsenal is extremely important. If you are not confident in your skills, or you feel it difficult to control operating time of the gun, you should choose the gun SMG.

SMG is easy to use and brings positive results

Revolver is a supplementary and indispensable weapon in all matches. There are many rare cases of main weapon’s being out of ammo, or the most common case is replacing bullets before the arrival of the enemy. The fastest way to cope is to switch to use a revolver quickly and defeat the enemy.


Grenades are as important as revolver, both of which are complementary main weapon throughout gunner ’s game. It is better to equip with the basic types of explosive grenade to be able to take enemies’ blood at long distance without consuming much time.

Secondary weapons should always be fully equipped

All of the above equipment is considered as the most basic items which can be easily used for all newbie players. However, if you feel that your ability is relatively strong and you can improvise in many cases, the player can equip yourselves with strong firepower guns such as AK-47, M4A1, ... It can be said that these are 2 types of guns used "on the largest scale" of all the shooting games in general.


Dead Arena is not the exception when being used at an important function by lots of players in the early stages of the game such as Chevallier, Double Barell, .... The common features of this type are highly anti-personnel, flexible and, above all, able to eliminate targets at a long distance, which is not inferior to the sniper gun.

Specially, there are some individual gunners who prefer to use sniper guns in multi-play games. It is also considered as an unconventional option. The number of bullets in the sniper gun is not high, but it is a champion at being anti-personnel. It is really appropriate for the games being teammate ranking. It is due to the fact that this type of gun is very helpful in combining with the remaining guns. It is also considered as a tank factor in most of the matches.

This article just mentions some basic tips for Dead Arena gamers who want to enter the game easier. Besides, there are also plenty of different choices for the gunners. With your own strengths, advantages and disadvantages, you can choose the most appropriate direction in each rank game.


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