Learning about the system of pistols and melee weapons


In this article, we will learn about the two types of subsidiary weapons: Pistol and Melee Weapon (knife). Are they just “supporting” characters as the background, or do they play an indispensable role in the whole game?


If assessing the importance of this small weapon, then you are wrong, or you are still at the level of a "chick". Only when using a pistol in a standard way and applying it to all situations, could you become a professional shooter.


Controlling a pistol is not a simple matter. It may have a slow rate of fire. Furthermore, it is short-range and difficult to be controlled. Its power and portability in handling situations, however, are not inferior to any weapon, regardless of the fact that the frequency of using is not high.

Specially, as snipers, players not only have to use their main weapons proficiently (Barret or AWM), but also get used to using pistols in order to save themselves in the duel being pressed by the enemy. It can be said that pistol is the key to rescuing in the battle due to its ability to overturn the game in a flash.

Melee weapons

These are the only "coldest” weapons with tremendously anti-personal extent being able to kill enemies in one blow. Unlike using long-range weapons being guns, you may not need the main or supplementary weapons, but you always have to bring melee weapon when you are on the battlefield. You can throw away all weapons except melee weapon. It is the only weapon that is attached to the character. Therefore, possessing extreme melee weapons will make difference among players. 


There are many types of melee weapons that you can choose in the game. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the drawbacks are lightweight knife, low-range and low power regardless of quick attack. Conversely, the axe has the most powerful slash at the speed of light. Besides, it is long-range, yet the spread is limited making it difficult for players to control.

We hope that through this article, you will make a choice that best suits your fighting style to be "king" on the Dead Arena battlefield.


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