Learning about Sniper Guns system


It is a great feeling when "1 shot 1 kill" is always something that only the sniper has chance to experience regularly. In this article, we will look at some typical lines of sniper guns being suitable for the vast majority of Dead Area players nowadays.

Snipers are those who are tasked to upholster their teammates and kill their rivals from the distance with only one bullet. However, there are many types of sniper guns and you should consider and choose the one that best suits your capabilities.


AWM is probably a name which is not strange to the FPS gamers. With the full name Arctic Warfare Magnum, using Magnum ammunition having the same capabilities "1 hit 1 kill", AWM has become the most popular gun in the line of sniper guns all over the world. The reasons for such popularity is the fact that all the features of AWM are equal, not outstanding or biased towards any aspect to ensure fairness, especially in tournaments.


When holding AWM, the snipers always have a familiar feeling. It is used in all situations and suitable in every battle. With its high power, it is not difficult for players to destroy the enemies with only one bullet, except in the case that bullet hits their leg. When snipers reach a higher level of qualification, AWM is completely quick-scope weapons (snap) or the most favorable drag scope which "boils" its enemies. This is not only for the long-range targets, but also for the opponents appearing in front of it.

Barret M82

If AWM is the most equal weapon, then Barret is most powerful weapons that any sniper gun cannot match it. Barret can penetrate and destroy the enemy with one bullet, regardless of arms, legs, chest, head being unarmored or equipped with armor. However, its weight which restricts the movement and the speed of replacing and reloading bullets is the weakness of the gun that is able to make lightweight armored vehicles "fuming".


However, in the Dead Arena, Barret has almost no weaknesses and becomes king with the speed of replacing and reloading bullets being extremely fast, the capability of “1 hit 1 kill”. Will there be balancing updates for the M28 or not? If unchanged, this gun will definitely become the "default" in the sniper world. 

Cheytac M200

Inspired by the design of VSK-94, Cheytac M200, which looks more “rambo”, has become a new trend in the world of FPS gamers. It is rated as the perfect sniper gun due to its balanced features and being equipped with silencer which help the gunner "hook tires" without attracting attention.


M200 is powerful, ranking behind only Barrett, which will lead to the excellent ability of “wallbang”. The very high speed of delaying (higher than AWM) and the flexibility when moving in the field of view helps snap shot or no scope become more accurate. However, just like "the comrade" Barret, M200 has great weight.

SVD Dragunov

Players should skip this gun if they focus on sniper skill, because SVD has too many weaknesses: low power (except for the chest and head, there is no position can the player implement “1 shot 1 kill”), " splashing" the central point inflexibly and inaccurately. The only advantage of SVD is the speed of loading bullets. However, this is no longer important if you cannot defeat the enemy in one shooting turn.


How to become a real Sniper in Dead Arena?

Sniper is a critical position in the squad. You are the center, the person into whom the whole team put their trust. To become the person who can complete the task, therefore, is not easy. However, it does not mean you cannot do. You will need:

- High concentration
- Patience and caution
- Capacity of keeping calm when being pressed
- Good reflection 
- Judging exactly

Do not be sad if you do not meet all the above factors, everything is just relative. You can fully complete the skills by practicing. Sniper requires lots of techniques, but the most important factor is that you will be much more confident if you master it. I wish you success with your sniper gun!


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