Finding out the character classes


Dead Arena now offers players 4 character classes: Commando using rifle, sniper guns, Medic with mortars and Tanker with Shotguns. As these character classes are on the Dead Arena battlefield, they has their own strengths and skills.

Sniper with the superior capability of sniping

Tanker or Medic does not possess special skills like Commanda. With the advantage of remote attacks and the intense anti-personnel capacity, however, Sniper is always an important character class in Dead Arena.


In any shooting game, Sniper is always a favorite character Class. On the battlefield, sniper hides in the most unexpected positions. Just with a single shot, Sniper will destroy opponents suddenly. Surprise is always the feeling that Sniper brings all of its opponents. However, Sniper also has a fatal weakness that is weak maneuverability and limited in close-range combat.

Therefore, a good sniper always has high visibility, patience and ability to choose good positions. Besides, they need move to advantage points constantly, avoid being detected by their enemy. In Dead Arena, Sniper often moves behind their teammates, destroys opponents from the distance or simply shoot in support of the teammates in attack. 

Medic with the ability to treat wounds and revive teammates

Medic is a very special character class in Dead Arena. Medic is always present in the hot spots on the battlefield, treats the wounds of teammates, so it plays a very important role in the team's victory, particularly in multiplay mode.


It is the misunderstanding of new players that Medic is just the character class having a supporting role; in fact, Medic is a real killer on the battlefield. However, Medic is equipped with intensely anti-personnel weapons in close range. Furthermore, it can protect itself and blow opponents off the ground. Medic's only weakness is its long-range attack capability when confronting the other classes in the map having few hiding-places.

For new Medic players, they always stand behind their teammates like Commando and Tanker, protect the hips of the team and support quickly when needed. With "Pro Medic" , however, they always want to press their opponents by the fastest speed with their acceleration skill, slip before opponents and end with only 1 mortar’s bullet.

Tanker - a real raiding machine on the battlefield

Maturing day after day on the other battlefields, Tanker are gunners being trained with excellent melee skills to fight enemies on the battlefield.


Tanker can be considered as an majestic fortress that no competitor can hurl down. Wherever Tanker is present, there will be protective barriers. Despite any danger, Tanker uses all of its strength and powerful armor to protect the teammates behind it. Tanker, however, has its own weaknesses. What makes gamers consider choosing this character is the fact that its anti-personnel capacity is quite weak.

Commando with the ability to resupply bullets constantly

This class's main weapon are assault rifle - this is the ideal weapon for the war in the mid-range. They are usually divided into two categories: assault rifles and heavy machine guns. For those who want to bury the enemy with a hail of bullets in entrenched positions, therefore, the heavy machine gun is the most appropriate choice.


And a unique feature of Commando inherited from Tanker is the ability to be its allies’ shield on the battlefield, because it is difficult for you to fight enemies with only one pistol in your hand.



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